A Dispatch from Cafe Bedouins


Day 15 of MakerSquare. 

More Rails today, with an introduction to ActiveRecord. Got into the dirt of databases - making them, reading from them, writing to them, modifying them, and deleting them. So much better than messing around with placeholder hashes to store and read data. Ah, the joys of encapsulation.  

We continued to see our Ruby terminology carry over. As I was discussing with a classmate here at Cafe Bedouins, learning Rails before Ruby seems incomprehensible at this point. One question lingers from the day, though: Why hasn’t Hirb.enable been rolled into the Rails console as a permanent, always-on setting? 

Another speaker came in today, Way Spurr-Chen from White Lion. He talked about learning how to learn, and not just methods. Tools, mindset, and perspective were all covered. He even touched on Eastern-style mindfulness a tad, though I would have dug hearing more about that and its application to digital existence in early 21st century. 

Back to hacking at Cafe Bedouins, lest anyone catch on that I’m writing something other than code. 

Conquerors: struggling with morning push-ups, understanding the whims of Rails pluralization, bathrooms locked behind keypads

Conquered: doing those dang morning push-ups, receiving a tip on a Sublime Text newsletter, turning down Maker’s Mark, Hirb.enable, receiving a personalized invite to Cafe Bedouins