Better Than Stir Friday


Day 5 at MakerSquare.

Friday is Tie Day. & also project day.

Front-end: Pick a website and redesign it. I had originally picked the site for my favorite diner in town, Kerbey Lane. Excellent pancakes, cluttered website. It was correctly suggested that the scope of that redesign would be too much. I then picked another local institution, Austin Books & Comics. I started by sketching out some mockups and jumped in.

No good. No good at all. 

Once the design started to come together, I realized it looked like a generic Wordpress theme. Project Day has now turned into Project Weekend.

Back-end: The standard library project: adds books, add patrons, let them check out books. Classes, instances, variables of varying scope are all making sense. Once I cracked the code on the first method, the rest fell into place. Well, mostly: I spent way too long thinking I had written an assignment with a single equals sign, when in reality, the code was trying to perform an equality check with a double equals sign.


The last issue involved an unnecessary loop, which printed an array twice: first with Item #1, then with Item #1 and Item #2. It took three pairs of eyes to find it, but it was an excellent example of minimizing code to lower chances of bugs. Now, it’s an exercise in some serious code documentation.

Conquerors: HBO GO leading to poor movie watching decisions, forgetting to read Stoic philosophers more frequently

Conquered: Sending laptop battery for exchange, taking a colleague on a bike ride on the street, understanding classes