'Clown down the repo'


Day 14 of MakerSquare.

All Rails, all day. 

Routes, parameters, controllers. The diagram was just a stack of blocks at first, but once we started getting into building things, the language of Rails became natural. Well, maybe not natural, but familiar. Ish.

We built a YouTube-style video-viewing site, cleverly called MeTube. Initial impressions: lots of capacity to do lots of things, but wow, gotta keep those naming conventions organized. [Note to self: invest in Post-It notes] We worked with hard-coding information into the site, then moved to passing in parameters through the URL - both query strings and dynamic segments. 

As someone said to me, “I’m getting all of this, but maybe that’s just because it’s easy.” Shared a good laugh at that, but there was truth in it. I think because we got a solid foundation in Ruby and spent so much time drilling in classes and instances and namespacing [and many other things], Rails really clicked for us.

Fast forward to tomorrow, which will find me staring at my monitor and drooling on myself as I attempt to comprehend the next bit of the lesson.

Conquered: allergies I think, old iPod stolen out of car, writing html.rb not html.erb 

Conquerors: replacement laptop battery from the fine folks at Bay Valley Parts, completing extensions for the classwork, using ’+’ instead of ’%20’ for spaces in URLs