Default On vs Default Off


Default On chases doing.
Default Off chases resting.

Default On is thinking at least one step ahead.
Default Off is stuck in reactivity.

Default On is present in the task.
Default Off is taken away from rest by the task.

Default On is pushing, striving, and improving.
Default Off is trying to always return to a state of rest.

Default On is ready to go to the next task, which is always known.
Default Off is striving to take a break from the current task.

Default On prioritizes doing.
Default Off prioritizes resting.

What precedes here is a framing of some thoughts I’ve been having lately. After reading so, so many tweets, threads, blog posts, and books on amping personal productivity and growth, I’m growing more and more convinced that any writing on achieving this is just gesturing at the ineffable. It’s attempting to transmit what can only be experienced and learned through one’s one experience. Some framings may provide a snap of insight, but lasting effects come through taking one’s own journey. It’s not even iterating on techniques (ideal time to journal; how often to check email; best structure for a weekly review), it’s about changing one’s relationship with their self, and becoming aware of that strange loop of consciousness.