'Do you remember how to dream?'


Day 28 of MakerSquare.

The day started with a rundown of the schedule and structure of the next week and an impromptu MakerStory from Osei, our new instructor. He previously did a seminar for us on debugging JavaScript in the browser console & was really energetic about it. So, looking forward to seeing what else he has in store for us. 

Front-end: Lordy, my JavaScript got rusty over the break. Luckily, we had some WD-40 in the form of another review before learning more about the presenters in riot.js. The title of this post came from Gilbert, as he questioned us on how functions are called & the dreamspace they manifest. 

Back-end: Weightable remains terrible an embarrassment egg on my face unfinished, but over the break, I managed to complete the Hartl Rails tutorial, even though my grandmother lacks so much as a dial-up modem. We reviewed Rails’s MVC by writing code on the whiteboard in teams. It’s fun seeing the ethereal bits expressed in the real world; as an aside, I’m looking forward to seeing how this happens in the future. Later, I acted as a soundboard as my pair tore through an optional Rails assignment on self-referential associations. 

Later: second meeting with half of the career services team, a.k.a. Jessica. Got some work to do on my resume, but looks like it’s a solid foundation.