Expect These to Get Shorter...


Day 6 at MakerSquare.

Week 2. This time, I’m in a new building, which is really the old building. The atmosphere is different, but that might just be the absence of glass walls and paint fumes.

Upsides: standing desk and a coffee maker.
Downsides: one bathroom for 20+ dudes and too much coffee.

Back-end now happens in the morning, which is the opposite of last week. I’m not sure if it’s better or worse [but it’s probably neither - “Man is disturbed not by things, but by the views he takes of them”]. Dug deep into Ruby classes with my new pair. Seeing as I’m writing this after catching up on the morning’s work [at 2245], maybe we dug too deep. If we hadn’t though, I wouldn’t have learned that the ‘puts’ method looks for a custom 'to_s’ method in classes, and print that output as opposed to the unreadable-by-human object! My notes from that moment read as, “implicit class methods to make objects readable?! mind blown!”

We had another MakerStory, this time from Josh Kerr, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and developer/startup fellow. Here’s a video of him smashing a fax machine.


I’m sure this dude has tons more interesting stories to tell, and will have many more to share in the future as his company grows.

Front-end: Introduction to Javascript. Introduced to variable assignment trickery. Protip: drawing things and scribbling notes helps focus the mind. Don’t know why or how, though that’s for a neuroscience/pedagogy bootcamp. Wrote some horrendous-looking code for a restaurant reservation system, but it worked and that’s Step One.

Conquerors: still no laptop battery, running out of coffee at home, Ruby exercise about Power Rangers to knock out before class

Conquered: remembering that feeling of drafting buses on a bicycle, getting better at explaining coding concepts that I’m grokking, finding new sludge metal bands on YouTube