Hello Again


With the recent announcement that Vine will be getting shuttered, I’m reminded of the uncertainty that all free web-based services face. As such, I’ve decided to move my blog off of Tumblr. While this decision is partly about wanting to get ahead of any potential disruptions in service, its roots are in mainitaining control and exercising autonomy.

For this site, I decided to use Hugo, a static site generator written in Go. I could talk about how fast it is, how there’s no point in my reinventing this wheel, or how I get to write my posts in Github-flavored Markdown. But really, most of my decision was based on the fact that Julia Evans uses it for her very excellent blog. #socialproof

Next steps for making the blogging processes easier for me will include incorporating git hooks for builds and updates. Manual updates will have to suffice for now, at least until after my art class is over. 👋