Kleptomaniacs take things seriously.


Day 3 at MakerSquare.

A pun-y morning with wireframing and CSS layout. Looking back at the web design I’ve done in the past [which involved a vicious amount of Googling about <div> and floats and inline-blocks], I’m excited about developing the skillz to quickly iterate on designs I’ve sketched out. No more sweating over how the introduction of a new paragraph could break the layout.

They say that by suffering with manual CSS layout, we will develop a greater appreciation for frameworks. Without having touched a single one of them, I can confirm that yes, frameworks are awesome. 

Heard another reappropriated phrase from the pre-internet days: “above the fold” once referenced the top half of the front page of a newspaper, the part that passersby would see at newsstands and in newspaper boxes. Now, it references the section of the page that’s immediately visible in the browser window when first loading a page. 

For back-end development, it was all Ruby projects. First up, a choose-your-own-adventure text game that’s a thinly-veiled parable about life choices. Then, lots of math fun with questions from Project Euler and answers stowed away on GitHub

Conquerors: dead laptop battery, snooze button not leaving enough time for a workout

Conquered: 37 degree bicycle ride, a very vocal error with the git extension in Sublime Text, finding the largest product of five numbers in a string 1,000 digits long