Thinking about now


After moving to a new state recently, I’ve started collecting my now thoughts on the go. I limited each category to one tactical task to complete, just one, but found myself overwhelmed by all of the different tasks that still loomed large.

Ordered only by happenstance:

- Community: Clean up that sidewalk - Vets: GBF monthly donation - Abe: better with people coming over - Oscar: potty training - New babe: infant CPR classes - Long term crazy: skyhook - Work: finishing ACL - Wife: more cooking - Fitness: Simple standard - Nutrition: more protein - Water: 100 oz - House: hang mail basket and then stack washer/dryer and then soil testing - Health: clear up sinus infection then ankle rehab/practice - Rowdy: rain cover

This isn’t a small list, and I like to use my now as a way of focusing on just the next step, just on what can be done now, and what must be done now.

But, this list isn’t that. Some of it consists of goals. Some of it is fuzzy and not really specified in terms of a practice or even a desired endstate. It’s really just a list of things that were floating around my head, and have made it onto a list in front of me. Maybe that’s good enough for now.