Chris Boette

Itinerant learner and dreamer. Expressing thoughts in code while allowing others to express theirs. Initiator of applause.


Strong: TypeScript, JavaScript [ES5 and ES6+], React, Git, RESTful APIs

Experienced: Node.js, CSS, Shell scripting, Go, Python, containerization, miscellaneous AWS services

Dabbling: Scheme, Elixir, Emacs Lisp

Professional Experience

Modern Data Catalog for Analysis & Teamwork

Contributions over time, by language, at

senior software engineer | 2021 to present
software engineer | 2019 to 2021
  • Founding member of Engineering Support Rotation, working with various customer-facing coworkers in various parts of customer lifecycle
  • Undertook multiple, self-directed improvements at improving DX and the codebase
  • Planned and led department-wide bug squash events
  • Mentored interns
  • Making features and squarshing bugs as part of roadmap and customer commitments, React with TypeScript blah blah blah
  • Identified, scoped, and implemented major version upgrade of node.js across n projects
  • Protoyped and then built production Machine Learning service for predictions, using Python deployed on a Flask server, then AWS SageMaker
  • Implemented Storybook for rapid prototyping of components and keeping a library of same
  • Forked and extended open-source graph library for drawing SVG’s on HTML canvas
  • Front-end dev ops-y and tooling things
  • Led by example on documentation, adding to the dev process, and continuous learning


The All-in-One Ecommerce Solution

Contributions over time, by language, at Volusion

software engineer II | 2017 to 2019
  • Full-stack development on greenfield site-builder experience, from a CLI to a UI built with TypeScript, React, and MobX and services written in Express
  • Drove release of first Open Source Software in company’s 20-year history
  • Incorporated 3rd-party APIs into legacy AngularJS app backed by Serverless
  • Facilitated and planned continuing education efforts for engineers across the company, including a tri-weekly “Clean Coding” viewing & discussion, and a weekly Journal Club


Instantly quote, book, and track your freight shipments

Contributions over time, by language, for Shipwell

software engineer, contractor | 2017
  • Built scalable ETL pipeline in Python with Serverless on top of AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, & S3
  • Utilized experience with the stack to provide feedback on initial architectural plans


Automated Digital Ad Platform for Local Media

Contributions over time, by language, at OwnLocal

software engineer | 2016 to 2017
  • Created authentication system with React/Redux, Google OAuth, AWS Cognito, & AWS Lambda
  • Technical lead for team new to JavaScript, teaching through code reviews
  • Architected data processing pipeline using internal framework on top of AWS Lambda
  • Advocate for best practices, including documentation, testing, and constructive code reviews


Know the Best Price, Automatically

Contributions over time, by language, at Wikibuy

software engineer, site automation | 2015 to 2016
  • Wrote scripts using ES2015, Lodash, and Cheerio to consistently format data from product pages
  • Developed and maintained Gulp tasks to automate repetitive tasks, plus a dev startup guide
  • Independently developed proof-of-concept of Wikibuy experience as conversational commerce in Slack


Empowering Game Creators

Contributions over time, by language, at GameSalad

web developer | 2014 to 2015
  • Created AngularJS customer-facing SPA with Node.js backend, consuming Zendesk API and internal SSO
  • Maintained the SPA, adding features as a result of internal requests
  • Implemented responsive layouts from designer using Jade templates & Sass with Bootstrap
  • Crafted Express middleware for single sign-on to tie together Discourse and Stormpath
  • Added features to Rails app, including move to monthly billing model and integration with payment API
  • Wrote more Perl than I should have


Teach Yourself CS

Course of study aimed at self-taught engineers and code-school grads

Contributions over time, by language, teaching myself computer science

student | 2018 to present
  • Self-study, following a curriculum including Programming

Dada Photo Booth

automated, procedurally-generated photo booth experience

Contributions over time, by language, on various incarnations of the Dada Photo Booth

artist, developer | 2017 to 2019
  • Collaborated with designer on photo booth art installation that glitches users’ portraits as gifs
  • Rewrote my Go, OpenCV, Processing, and Ruby project in JavaScript to take, process, and post portraits online