Day 11 at MakerSquare.

Started the day with a motivational/direction-giving/advise-giving talk from a graduate of cohort #2, who two weeks out from graduating, has accepted an offer at a local company, which is sort of a big deal. The main bit of advice for us was that we should code, code, and code. And then code some more.

Front-end: Javascript objects look like hashes but they’re not; they’re objects. We saw something like this structure later in the day, which was a great way to reinforce it.

Lunchtime surprise: folks from Pebble came in to talk about their history, insights, and how they’re moving into the future. I’m looking forward to what they release in the way of software development tools and APIs.

Back-end: Getting into that stuff that I’ve heard about but didn’t know much about: JSON and REST. Wrote my first valid JSON, as verified by JSONLint. Puttering around with `makerblog.rb` and the CRUD abilities provided by the Unirest gem made the concept easy to grasp, at least easier than my earlier exposure to web apps through a MOOC. [Although if you want help from the gem, it’s not there - docs are available at their site.] 

Conquerors: realizing where I went wrong with last week’s project, first Javascript diagram of the week, putting on wet cycling clothes to go home

Conquered: learning about acronyms, second Javascript diagram of the week, a great burger at Hopgrain, first day of Stoic Week, riding in the cold rain,