Hey, Someone Reads This. Cool.


Day 12 at MakerSquare.

Inspired by yesterday’s talk, I got up at 7am to bang on my keyboard and attempt to understand the Twitter gem. I didn’t get far, but I had inadvertently prepared for the day.

Front-end: $(this) & jQuery. The concepts were almost confusing, but not quite. I may have had an advantage today because my partner is an old-hand in the Java world. Interesting bit: ‘undefined’ is not less than 2.

Back-end: API, using Twitter as our example. No idea we were getting into it. Perhaps my only advantage was that I had already researched the gem maintainer and realized I had hung out with him as an undergrad in '01 - neither of us being CS people. I was able to complete our exercises but may only be a tad closer to figuring out how to make my Twitter bot post generated Stoic philosophy.

Austin On Rails: start of the first talk - followed along, interesting turns of phrase, good things to consider as I learn Rails. But the end of talk was more Rails than I understood (which would be any Rails, to be fair).

Conqueror: GitHub authentication changes, realizing documentation project may not be needed, still no Twitter bot

Conquered: learning about RDoc anyway, avoiding the lure of the ping pong table, counting tweets, hearing that someone reads this (thanks!)