'Closure' will probably not provide any.


Day 24 of MakerSquare. 

Front-end: closure in JavaScript will, ironically, open many doors and even more questions. More concept review to really nail down the basics of JavaScript. The language is so patchy and quirky that it’d be easy to disparage it for those properties [guilty!]. But, really, it’s probably a matter of becoming more familiar with its strengths and peculiarities. At this point, there’s only one course of action and it involves finally getting a library card. 

MakerStory: cancelled at the last minute. Too bad, because it looks like that Chaotic Moon, beyond the surface, is doing interesting things. I still sent a handful of questions to the organizer for possible inclusion when we reschedule in the [near?] future.

Back-end: during a presentation a few weeks ago, someone described a project that they worked on. There were many disparate technologies being employed by the scientists and researchers on this project. They ended up using Ruby as the glue to pull all of those pieces together and map the human genome. NBD. 

We’re starting to get into the sticky parts of Ruby and Rails. Sure, we’re just working with gems to get log-ins, manipulate pictures and store files with Amazon S3, but we have to start somewhere. I’m looking forward to where we go from here.