'Devise does not suck. You suck.'


Day 23 of MakerSquare. 

The day started with two short presentations from possible clients for our final project. Will from Million Mile Month and RC from Shop141. What was interesting about both of these projects is that they’re both focused on improving lives. The code for these projects wouldn’t just be about getting more users or for another social network hoping to topple Facebook [which will happen one day, but not today], but to make tangible differences in people’s day-to-day lives, differences that can have many positive consequences down the road. I’m looking forward to what comes out of these projects. 

Front-end: serious Javascript review. Took it at a deliberate pace with my pair, which I think helped us both grasp not just what was happening, but why. 

Back-end: getting into user authentication and sessions using the Devise gem in Rails. As Casey so eloquently stated after some people expressed their misgivings about Devise, “Devise does not suck. You suck.” Well, I’m still sucking. Not much to do about it, other than keep coding.

After class: planning and talking about how to rebuild our hackathon project [my write-up on hackathon #1 probably won’t be out until the break, when I’m recovering from this thing going on Friday night]. Did some planning work for it over the weekend which helped my understanding of associations and join tables. Neato.