Hey, I remembered a Title Today


Day 22 of MakerSquare. Friday is Tie Day.

Project/catch up day. In addition to working more with riot.js, I built a video playlist manager in Javascript. It’s similar in style and functionality to what we had earlier built with Rails. I’m curious about the advantages and disadvantages of using JS versus Rails for web applications. I imagine that considerations of scale and functionality may be factors.

Didn’t get into much Rails work today but, wow, I watched a lot of the new videos from Ruby Conf 2013. Key takeaways from those: leave cryptography to the experts; I’ll better understand garbage collection in the future; there’s a wrapper for git for users of Github [conveniently called hub]; running Ruby on robots looks both easy and fun; and programs like MKS rule.

Also learned more about using git to switch branches [translation: looked up a command in the excellent Bohemian notebook and practiced it a few times]. Other tool work included going nuts with installing packages in Sublime Text. One of them broke my favorite shortcut, which is jumping between open tabs with the command key and a number key. I did come across this tip, which I’ve been wondering about:

“You can type Ctrl+0 to focus on the side bar.

Then you’ll be able to move selection among files with arrow keys and to open the selected file hitting Enter, without touching the mouse.”