iron_man ='suit_of_armor', 'arrogance')


I had a dream the other night that I initialized a man with magnets in his hands.

Day 10 of MakerSquare.

Project Day is Friday is Tie Day. 

Back-end: Working with tests and Rspec to build out a program to score a game of tennis, as described on the Coding Dojo. Jammed up my Sublime Text’s RubyTest package so I have to hop over to the terminal to run my tests like I was sort sort of prole. So, fixing that is going on my list for the weekend, right after I code up some deuce and advantage action.

Front-end: Fixing a tic-tac-toe game with JavaScript and jQuery. My initial patch penalized the player for accidentally clicking on a filled spot by skipping their turn - it was an accident, honest!

After that, wrapped up the Bowling kata from yesterday’s Ruby class and added a test and method for testing a perfect game. In retrospect, it shouldn’t be necessary, but it was good practice. 

Homework and reflections this weekend, in addition to some rucking and maybe breaking ground, as it were, on a personal project. But first, there’s a pancake special that is demanding my attention.