Maybe Writing This on a Phone Will Keep It Short


Day 9 of MakerSquare.

Back-end: more work with Rspec. Asked more questions today and got a better handle on the process. Diagramming the example code helped, as usual. A side benefit to this program is the opportunity to deeply examine how I best learn. Ammunition for the future.

Front-end: more functions in JavaScript with an assist from jQuery. Also better than yesterday. I have developed some sort of value judgment against JS, which means I need to spend more time with it. Preferably while drinking less java.

After class, another speaker from Datafiniti, Osei Bonsu, came by to demonstrate JS debugging with Chrome’s developer tools. Though my battery-less machine prevented me from following along, his energy and enthusiasm were contagious. I hope he comes back again later when we have some more experience with the language under our belts.

Conqueror: laptop plugged in away from presentation area, evening drivers failing to yield

Conquered: morning drivers yielding all over the place, reading the Stoics, slowly gathering resources for side project (hahahaha!)