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Day 26 of MakerSquare. 

Started the day with an update from the career services duo. We got some pointers on how to get our online selves together. We were also reminded that even though we’re here at MKS to eventually get jobs in development, we need to learn to be better developers first. Moral of the story: code.

Front-end: using presenters in riot.js to perform actions for our webpage, all illustrated with incredibly un-fierce puppies. We did a lot of reading code and practiced verbalizing what was going on with it. 

Back-end: AJAX and Rails. Creating content and adding it to the page without reloading the whole thing (but saving it to the database). Straight up Web 2.0 action. Welcome to the future.

At the end of the day: presentation from Greg on using Firebase. Holy cow. He asked about a potential downside to a service that takes cares of the back-end so completely. The first thought that comes to mind is that people won’t know how it works. Lowering the barrier to entry for development is excellent, but if the hood is screwed shut and we can’t get to the engine, we lose the autonomy and power we started to cultivate when we first wrote, 
  puts “Hello world”