Ol' Gus & His Crazy Ideas


Day 27 of MakerSquare. Friday is Tie Day.

Analog morning: we got a quick lesson on working with clients [read: ask good questions] & how to translate their ideas into specs, which we can use to determine what sort of product to build and how to build it. Then, Casey put on a ten-gallon hat and turned into Mr. Gus Chiggins, Idea Man.

Mr. Chiggins asked us to build a web app he dubbed “Weightable” which will allow users to sign up, set weight goals, and start tracking their weight daily. Their friends can see their progress and give them encouragement along the way.  We then worked in groups to put together the client spec and clarify what he said he wanted.

After lunch, it was sketching model relationships and making lists of gems to use. As a group, we decided to tackle the project individually over the break. It’ll give me an opportunity to revisit the various firehoses from which I’ve been drinking and really soak in the knowledge and skills.  

Consistent posting will resume after the break, though I’ll add some [hopefully!] interesting things as I come across them. Oh yeah, I should also finish my write-up of our first hackathon before the second one happens in the new year. Related to that, Textspiration is now living on Heroku, sending out hard-coded messages to a few people at a time, though not everyone who asked for one [sorry!]. Many small steps will get us there.