'Mars Attracts!' Might Be Renamed 'Maths, Not Hacks!'


Day 33 of MakerSquare. 

Morning lesson was on algorithms and using Big O notation to note how long they should take to run. The basis for the lesson came from a co-founder’s conversation with a Google recruiter and her suggestions for what we should know for technical interviews. I enjoyed the lesson because ti was stretching a different, but parallel, part of the brain. 

Afternoon was project work. We worked on figuring out where our hackathon project had holes and how to patch them. I added dropdown menus that populate from the database. It works for now, but it looks like we’ll be restructuring our models & it probably won’t work tomorrow. Probably means it’s time to start writing tests.

Morning class and afternoon projects will be the pattern for the rest of the week. Mars Attracts v0.2’s backend will be ready by Friday so we can spend a lot of time making it real purty. 

Not directly related: replaced drivetrain parts on my bike today, which was rad, but I found out tonight that my Valentine’s Day plan will start out with two minute maximum push-ups, two minutes maximum sit-ups, and a 12-mile ruck, all before a 24-hour team-based event designed to break us down as individuals, build us up a unit, and show us that our limits are meaningless. Should be lovely.