'No plan survives first contact with the enemy.' -- Helmuth von Moltke the Elder


Day 32 of MakerSquare. Friday is Tie Day. Shout out to everyone else who wore a tie, especially the ladies who rocked them with dresses and blouses. Keeping it classy. 

Front-end: Adding ZURB Foundation to a Rails app and using Sass to write markup. In the evening, I found a blog post detailing how to incorporate custom fonts in Rails, which I’ll link later. Once again, going through Foundation, I admire the speed and ease with which I can get something looking decent, especially next to what I made before I started at MakerSquare. Not that the older stuff was bad, but writing code by hand takes a lot longer. 

Side note: how long until “artisanal hand-crafted code, written without templates, customized for you” becomes a thing?

Back-end: Here we started to get into diagramming and relationship modeling ahead of our hackathon. YAGNI [“you ain’t going to need it”] was a key takeaway for me, as were the symbols used in sketching out domain models and their connections. We transitioned from the lesson to laying the groundwork for our second hackathon…

Hackathon #2: We’re developing a flight booking system for trips to Mars. It’ll be a little while before the spacecraft technology catches up, but we want to be ready for it when it does. User story is set, and models with their relations are sketched out. Next step in the morning will be to write some tests.